Thursday, November 8, 2012

Evans Limited Edition Vintage Pack

Evans Drumheads has a strong history of innovation dating back to 1956, when Marion “Chick” Evans became the first to successfully launch a synthetic, all-weather drumhead. Evans Drumheads continued to set the bar with groundbreaking products such as the Hydraulic oil-filled two-ply head, the EMAD bass drum system which remains the only drumhead with an externally mounted adjustable damping system, and most recently the Black Chrome series of drumheads with an eye-catching aesthetic and a distinct, head-turning sound.

Evans Drumheads would like to celebrate these historical achievements with the Evans Vintage Pack; a limited edition bundle of two best-selling 14” coated G1 snare batter heads with the Evans vintage script logo, and a free USA-made high-quality t-shirt (size large) featuring the same script logo.
Another great feature of this bundle is its packaging. The box features a timeline history of the Evans company from its beginging to present day. Higlighting all the milestones along the exciting journey that is Evans Drumheads.

Contact your local dealer and request a vintage pack of your very own. For a list of retailers in your area go to

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On August 8th the D’Addario Percussion Team ventured to Indianapolis to represent Evans & ProMark at the Drum Corps International World Championship. Of the 35 corps competing in the finals each and every one of them put on extremely entertaining performances. The corps each brought something a little different to the table keeping things very fresh across the entire show. We spent a lot of the time in the streets of Indianapolis where the corps spread out doing “In the Lot” warm ups and their preshow run through. Most of the “Lot” footage was actually in an open field in the Indianapolis White River State Park, seen below.

Oregon Crusaders running book in the lot


   The Bluecoats performing "Twitch" from the lot in Indianapolis

The Colts warming up in the lot

Oregon Crusaders in the lot

DCI World Championship Prelims August 9th 2012
The event started with 35 corps competing for a spot in the semi-final round. The judging panel was made up of:
General Effect Visual: Frank Morris, Kyle Miller
General Effect Music: John Bell, Jeff Harper
Visual: Chris Moss
Visual Analysis: Sal Adamo
Color Guard: Robert Solomon
Brass: Steven Page
Music Analysis: Albert Lo
Percussion: JJ Pippitone

The Oregon Crusaders on the field

The scores for the preliminary round:
1 Blue Devils                     97.550
2 Carolina Crown              96.600
3 Phantom Regiment         94.600
4 The Cadets                     94.050
5 Santa Clara Vanguard    93.200
6 Bluecoats                        92.250
7 The Cavaliers                  89.500
8 Boston Crusaders            89.000
9 Madison Scouts              88.550
10 Blue Knights                 85.850
11 Spirit of Atlanta            85.200
12 Blue Stars                      83.750
13 Crossmen                       83.400
14 Glassmen                       81.250
15 The Academy                79.950
16 Pacific Crest                  78.950
17 Colts                              77.450
18 Troopers                        76.350
19 Oregon Crusaders         75.900
20 Jersey Surf                    74.500
21 Blue Devils B               73.450
22 Vanguard Cadets          72.950
23 Mandarins                     71.700
24 Spartans                         69.350
25 Cascades                        68.650
26 Gold                               66.350
27 Pioneer                          66.200
28 7th Regiment                64.450
29 Genesis                         63.500
30 Legends                        63.400
31 Music City                    62.850
32 Raiders                         61.050                           
33 Colt Cadets                  57.950
34 Les Stentors                 52.750
35 Blue Saints                  49.100

DCI World Championship Semi-Finals August 10th 2012

This round was narrowed down to the top 25 corps of the prelims. The judges for this round were:

General Effect Visual: Mickey Kelly, Marie Czapinski
General Effect Music: Nola Jones, Ken Turner
Visual: Bruce Jones
Visual Analysis: George Oliviero
Color Guard: Mike Lentz
Brass: Paul McGarr
Music Analysis: Gary Markham
Percussion: Mike Davis

The Boston Crusaders pre show huddle

The Bluecoats on the feild

Boston Crusaders storming the field

The scores for the Semi-Final round were as follows:

1   Blue Devils                 98.200
2   Carolina Crown          97.450
3   Phantom Regiment     95.700
4   The Cadets                  94.100
5   Santa Clara Vanguard 93.700
6   Bluecoats                    92.800
7   The Cavaliers              89.400
8   Boston Crusaders        89.300
9   Madison Scouts           88.800
10 Blue Knights               87.650
11 Spirit of Atlanta          85.650
12 Crossmen                    84.900
13 Blue Stars                   84.600
14 Glassmen                    82.250
15 The Academy             81.900
16 Pacific Crest               80.250
17 Colts                           79.200
18 Troopers                     77.650
19 Oregon Crusaders      77.450
20 Jersey Surf                 75.450
21 Blue Devils B            73.600
22 Vanguard Cadets       72.750
23 Mandarins                  71.600
24 Spartans                     70.750
25 Cascades                    68.750

DCI World Championship Finals August 11th 2012

The last day of finals was not just the last day of the competition; it was the final day of drum corps for the summer. Some of these performers have been traveling all summer long for multiple summers and this day is when everything comes to a close. As you would think, the day is very emotional for the performers,  teachers, parents, and fans. The D'Addario Percussion Team was able to travel to some satellite locations to catch a few of the final rehearsals.

Spirit of Atlanta final rehearsal of the season.

Blue Devils in the Indianapolis Colts Training Facility.

Jim Wunderlich giving one last pep talk to the Blue Devils Pit

Boston Crusaders in the lot before Semi-finals
On the evening of the finals the judges were:

General Effect Visual: Rich Kemp, Mike Stone
General Effect Music: Glenn Fugett, Richard Saucedo
Visual: Juno Orefice
Visual Analysis: Debbie Torchia
Color Guard: Lee Carlson
Brass: Andy Cook
Music Analysis: David McGrath
Percussion: Allan Kristensen

Lucas Oil Stadium Field

These corps really pulled out all the stops that night. The entire show was one incredible performance after the next.
The Blue Devils final performance

Blue Devils closing their show.
The Boston Crusaders on the field 

The Bluecoats on the field

The finals ended with a victory for The Blue Devils scoring a 98.700 with the other corps scoring:
 1 Blue Devils                  98.700
2 Carolina Crown           97.650
3 Phantom Regiment      96.550
4 The Cadets                   95.050
6 Bluecoats                      92.550
7 Boston Crusaders         89.100
8 The Cavaliers               88.850
9 Madison Scouts            88.000
10 Blue Knights              86.700
11 Spirit of Atlanta         84.400
12 Crossmen                   84.000

Congratulations to The Blue Devils for taking 1st overall as well as in percussion. This was an outstanding season for all the corps and has helped raise much anticipation for next season. We must wait and see what is pushed to new limits in 2013 Drum Corps International!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DCI Texas Tour


Our percussion team ventured out to Houston and San Antonio this past weekend for the DCI performances. All the corps have been bringing their A game with each performance being more intense than the next. Some of the scores were within .100 of a point! Here are the results from the Houston show-

1. Blue Devils- 89.350
2. Carolina Crown- 81.600
3. Phantom Regiment- 85.450
4. The Cadets- 85.250
5. Santa Clara Vanguard-84.450
6. Bluecoats-83.200
7. The Cavaliers-80.400
8. Boston Crusaders-80.300


Next stop was the Southwestern Championship at the Alamodome in San Antonio. This being one of the larger performances having 26 Corps perform. Hard to believe but the scores were even closer than  in the previous competition with ensembles being separated by .050 of a point.The scores of this show are as follows-

1. The blue Devils-90.400
2. Carolina Crown- 89.550
3. Phantom Regiment-87.750
4. The Cadets- 86.950
5. Santa Clara Vanguard- 85.850
6. Bluecoats- 84.850
7. Madison Scouts- 83.050
8. Boston Crusaders- 81.550
9. The Cavilers- 81.500
10. Spirit of Atlanta- 80.450
11. Blue Knights- 78.650
12. Blue Stars- 77.950
13. Crossmen-77.550
14. Glassmen- 75.200
15. The Academy- 74.600
16. Colts- 72.900
17. Troopers- 72.600
18. Pacific Crest- 72.350
19. Jersey Surf- 69.800
20. Mandarins- 66.950
21. Cascades- 65.100
22. Pioneer- 62.600
Open Class
1. Oregon Crusaders- 78.400
2. Genesis- 73.400
3. Forte- 66.450
4. Revolution- 63.150


Finally, on Sunday the 22nd  the World Class Individual & Ensemble Competition took place. Over 400 performers took to the stage with great passion and excitement.  Among the 400 competitors a few members of the D'Addario percussion family finished high in the ranking. Here are a few of our more notable individuals-

1st – Monica England, The Blue Devils

3rd – Garrett Tyler, The Blue Devils

1st – Chris Drummer, The Blue Devils
2nd – Onye Eme-Akwari, Bluecoats

1st – Keelan Tobia, The Blue Devils

Percussion Ensemble
1st - Keelan Tobia & Amir Oosman (Snare/Tenor Duet), The Blue Devils
3rd – Boston Crusaders Percussion Ensemble

Cymbal Ensemble
3rd – Pioneer Cymbal Ensemble (we don’t do cymbals…but they’re one of our groups, so I included them)