Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drum Circle by Dena Tauriello

Some people believe that in music, we don’t choose our instrument, rather, the instrument chooses us. It takes much bravado to be a front person & carry a band, or enough self-importance to rip a guitar lead. Then there are drummers. As a rule, they are the consummate team players, getting more gratification from crafting the perfect groove & making a track feel great then executing a solo.It is this selfless, collaborative mindset that allows us to extend a hand to fellow drummers, offering support, advice, recommendations & referrals. We are one big community with no ego, no attitude, or exclusivity.

Thanks to this drummer mindset, I was invited to share in the experience of the New York Drum Club. Don’t be fooled by the formality of the title. This group is simply an assemblage of working drummers – all ages, genders, styles, levels, and accomplishments accepted. Mind you, there are certainly some illustrious and esteemed players in the pack, but you would never know it based upon their treatment of subordinates like myself. I look forward to our monthly lunch gatherings, as I am continually inspired, supported and guided. And I laugh really hard.

These monthly meetings serve as reminders of the greater good:"We are here to serve". Not just the musicians with whom we work or the songs being performed, but the community to which we belong. For you beginners out there – don’t be afraid to reach out to your idols or local professionals for some encouragement or helpful hints.I am confident you will not be disappointed. And to all you pros – continue to remember the selflessness demanded by our profession and the many ways we can give back and inspire. It is perhaps the finest artistry we can offer.


  1. In the Japanese martial Art of Aikido, the same principles apply. Everyone is a beginner and everyone is a pro. There is much to learn from each group keeping everyone humble. Kudos to you and your Drum Club for embracing each others qualities and gifts and laughing hard !

  2. Looks like a great time! Hope that Dena enjoys the drum. Believe it or not, but I used to play the drums in a band! :)
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