Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evans Sound Samples

One of the most difficult things about choosing new drumheads is that fact that you can rarely "try before you buy." It's not like all of our drumheads are sitting on identical drums in a store for testing (like cymbals).

We are proud to announce the launch of our drumhead sound library! Now you can listen to samples of each of our drum set heads on identical drums, tuned to the same pitch for consistency. Each head includes three samples, each at a different dynamic in order to allow for the most accurate comparison. All samples were meticulously recorded by Bob Gatzen. The sound samples are available on each of the Player Profile pages, allowing for quick and easy comparison of drumheads within a given profile.

Recommended Listening Environment
When listening to the samples, we recommend listening with quality headphones or larger speakers (built-in laptop speakers not recommended). The samples have not been equalized, compressed or mastered and will not be as loud as commercial recordings.

Recording Process
Microphone & Drum Configurations:
Snare Drum (Maple 14x4.5")
- Shure Beta 57A at slight angle to batter head, 1" from counter hoop
- Shure KSM 137 under snare drum, facing ground

Tom (Maple 12x8")
- Shure KSM 44 approximately 12" above head surface, aligned with snare drum counter hoop

Bass Drum (Maple 22x17")
- Shure Beta 98 approximately 6" off-center, facing pedal beater impact pad
- Shure KSM 32 approximately 2" off-center, 6" from resonant head

The sound samples have not been edited, enhanced or modified from the original recording.

What does this mean for you?
Now you’ve got another perspective when it comes to checking out new drumheads. The sonic information, combined with the detailed product information will help to make the decision making process even easier so you can focus on what counts, making music!


  1. how did you tune bass drum? do you use any mute (eq pad, pillow, etc.)?

  2. This thing is pretty sweet! We have a large display area, but your right. You can't put up all the drumheads on identical drum sets. Just not enough room.

  3. oooh this is nice... will try this myself. Im sure its gonna work nicely. Thanks